The total sheet metal fabrication solution

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The total sheet metal fabrication solution

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CNC punch
& CNC laser

MetalCo offers both CNC punching and CNC laser cutting. We’re always on hand to advise and guide on the best and most cost-effective option for your particular product.

CNC punching: Using latest technologies we handle fast, accurate and cost-effective CNC punching for batches of any size. First, your components are speedily and precisely pre-programmed using our CAD/CAM system. Then, with low set-up costs and optimised sheet use, our Amada CNC punching suite perforates, embosses and punches with maximum efficiency.

CNC laser cutting: Our superb laser cutting facilities guarantee ultimate accuracy, optimum use of materials and exceptional product flexibility. We can create anything from the simplest component to highly complex profiles – all perfect and complete without the time and costs of further tooling or finishing.

CNC bending
& folding

Our advanced, 8-axis CNC bending and folding capability neatly complements our precision engineering functions. Pre-programming the bend geometry using CAD, we can produce precise and consistent angles, creating everything from simple brackets to complex 3D shapes.


One member of MetalCo’s expert welding team needs no refreshment or comfort breaks, remains on-task night and day for as long as required and yet maintains superb weld seam consistency throughout…

Our robotic welding cell is no more skilled than our real-life team, but for particularly long production runs or where welds are hard to access, robotic welding can provide an excellent and cost-effective solution.

Welding &

In addition to our cutting and punching expertise, we have in-house teams ready to fabricate and finish your sheet metal products exactly as you need them.

Welding: Our skilled and specialist team is experienced in spot, metal inert gas (MIG) and tungsten inert gas (TIG) welding. MIG welds are fast, offer greater deposition rates, allow long, continuous welds with no positional problems and require minimal subsequent cleaning. TIG welding is ideal for thinner metal sheets, gives low distortion and allows for a superior quality weld.

Should you need our guidance, we are always happy to discuss with you the optimum approach for your particular products.

Finishing and fabrication: We offer a wide range of finishing and fabrication services for your sheet metal products, including assembly, track-fed powder coating, Packing and bespoke packaging, Warehousing and distribution all from our site here in Halifax.

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